There may be a proxy, check below.
IP address:

Best guess: United States, VA Ashburn

  • HTTP/1.0 protocol does not include the HOST header, but we have received one. This indicates a proxy server receiving a HTTP/1.1 header from you and passing it on, while claiming only HTTP/1.0 for itself.
  • HTTP_CONNECTION header is missing. May have been scrubbed away by an anonymizing proxy.

  • DNS Server Check:

    The following DNS servers made queries specifically for this test page:

    IP addresswhereraw bytes

    Reverse TTL Check (http):

    descriptionreverse ttl
    The Reverse TTL check reveals the number of hops between this server and the host making the http requests. If this differs greatly from the results of a traceroute to this server, it may be an indication that your http traffic and icmp traffic are taking separate paths.


    Form Data Behavior Check:

    Port Check:

    Waiting for port check results (ajax)... This may take a minute.

    Reverse Traceroute:

    I'll keep tracing the route back to you (babe)... This may take a minute.

    Additional details about these tests
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